WMC held a public Gathering on 14 May 2023 at Jantar mantar, Delhi.

WMC held a public Gathering on 14 May 2023 at Jantar mantar, Delhi. It’s SOS to Govt of India with special appeal –
1. Meetei needs Constitutional Protection
2. Implement NRC in Manipur
3. Protect Indigenous People against Atrocities

on 14 May 2023, the World Meitei Council held a public gathering at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. The meeting was called to address some pressing concerns that the Meitei community faces in India. The National Spokesperson of the WMC, Mr. Nabakishore Yumnam, spoke at the gathering, making a special appeal to the Government of India. With a convincing tone of voice, he highlighted some of the urgent issues that our community is faced with and urged the government to take immediate action. Let’s listen in to what Mr. Yumnam had to say.

The Meitei community has faced various issues in India, including discrimination, harassment, and marginalization. Mr. Yumnam addressed these problems in his speech, emphasizing the need for the government to take action to protect the rights of the Meitei people. He also highlighted the importance of preserving the cultural and linguistic heritage of the community. Mr. Yumnam spoke about the contributions of the Meitei people to the country’s culture and economy, and called for their recognition and inclusion in mainstream society.

In addition to the urgent concerns affecting the Meitei community, Mr. Yumnam also expressed his views on the broader issues facing the country. He spoke about the need to strengthen democracy, protect human rights, and address social and economic inequalities. Mr. Yumnam’s speech resonated with the crowd gathered at Jantar Mantar, who chanted slogans and held up placards in support of his message.

Beyond the immediate actions that the government needs to take, Mr. Yumnam’s speech also highlighted the importance of dialogue and collaboration between different communities and stakeholders. He emphasized the need for unity and solidarity among all groups in India, and called for peaceful and inclusive approaches to resolving conflicts and addressing societal challenges.

Overall, the World Meitei Council’s public gathering at Jantar Mantar highlighted some of the pressing issues facing the Meitei community in India, and demonstrated the determination of its members to work towards justice and equality. Mr. Yumnam’s speech served as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving cultural diversity and fostering inclusive societies. It is hoped that the government will heed the call for action, and work towards a more just and equitable future for all Indians.

Furthermore, the WMC’s public gathering also shed light on the broader issue of representation and visibility for marginalized communities in India. The Meitei community is just one of the many ethnic and linguistic groups that have long been ignored or overlooked by mainstream society. It is essential to recognize the contributions and lived experiences of these minority groups, and to include them in decision-making processes at all levels of government and society.

Another critical theme that emerged from Mr. Yumnam’s speech was the need for education and awareness-raising initiatives. He spoke about the importance of educating the broader public on the history, culture, and struggles of the Meitei community, and of creating opportunities for dialogue and exchange between different groups. By fostering empathy and understanding across societal divides, we can help build more inclusive and cohesive societies.

Finally, the WMC’s gathering at Jantar Mantar highlighted the power of collective action and community mobilization. It is only by coming together and speaking out against injustice and inequality that we can hope to effect meaningful change. It is essential to create spaces for advocacy and activism, for people to express their concerns and demand the rights and protections they deserve.

WMC was formed to protect and promote the interests of the Meetei people in the world particularly in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar who have been living as a community since the last many centuries pertaining to their socio-economic and all-round development. WMC is the brand name of Global Meetei Foundation, a registered organization.